Background Documents

In June 2003 the Ontario government passed Bill 100, the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park Act, and released a Charter with guidelines for operation of the park. Key features include:
  1. the ecological integrity of the area is recognized as the overriding priority
  2. prohibitions on sales of crown land and new roads, and strict restrictions on new development and commercial activities
  3. recognition of private property rights and guidelines for recreational activities
  4. the Provincial Parks Act applies to the park
In addition, the provincial government has pledged funding of $6 million over four years for park infrastructure.
In August 2003 the Ontario Government announced the appointment of the Management Advisory Board for the new Park. The Board's role is to advise the Ministry of Natural Resources on Park planning and management issues. Board members include Janice Griffith, Wally Hobbs and Murray Kidd who also are on the Local Stakeholder Committee. The announcement about the Board is below, together with a short bio on each the Board members.
In November 2001 the government-appointed committee of local stakeholders issued a unanimous report recommending an operating provincial park for the area and detailing guidelines for operation of the park. Special thanks are due to Sissy Tanner, Janice Griffith and the other committee members for the thousands of hours of volunteer time given to this effort.
Two editorials in the Peterborough Examiner, in September 2002 and June 2003, provide a good explanation of why Kawartha Highlands Signature Site was designated a provincial park.